Awala Community

About the Service Providers category

This is the place for anyone building or considering building a Awala-compatible app, or the prototype of one. Ask us questions, give us feedback and show us the apps you’ve built!

Feel free to start a topic on anything you’d want to discuss regarding building Awala-compatible services, such as:

  • How to make an existing, Internet-based service compatible with Awala. (FYI: You don’t need to own the service if you can use its API)
  • How to build Awala-native services from scratch to unlock further benefits (e.g., use the right degree of (de)centralisation, offer users much better privacy guarantees).
  • Learning more about how exactly your software and Awala will interact.
  • Getting feedback on your planned architecture to integrate Awala.
  • Getting feedback on your UI/UX design, from an offline-first/delay-tolerant perspective.
  • Getting help or giving us feedback on the JVM or JS libraries – Though raising an issue on the respective GitHub project would be ideal.

For commercial support and partnerships, please get in touch with Relaycorp directly.