Awala Community

About the Users category

This is the place for end users to ask questions and give us feedback on the Awala apps for Android and desktop.

Some examples of the discussions meant to be hosted in this category include:

  • Getting help when the Awala app for Android or desktop doesn’t quite work as expected.
  • Giving us feedback on how we can improve those apps or Awala itself.
  • Asking us about how Awala protects your privacy, security and safety.

If you’re based in a region subject to severe censorship, you’re highly encouraged not to add personally-identifiable information to your profile (for example, don’t set your real name and don’t use a username you’re already using elsewhere).

Please note that conversations here should be free of technical jargon. If you have a technical background and want to have a technically-accurate discussion, please consider using a different category.